Around you, North Carolina heritage and 21st Century convenience.

In Henderson County, NC: A senior retirement community that departs from convention.

Here at Legacy at Mills River, you not only choose your living option and customize it; you own your home. You build equity and can enjoy appreciation and tax benefits. Unlike other senior living models, you’re not a “resident;” you’re a member of the community; our Guild functions as a homeowner’s association, in charge of decisions affecting community life. You, the owner, control your investment.

While you own your home, you now have the freedom to relax and do nothing but enjoy it. We take care of the maintenance and chores of keeping house, while you take in the pleasures of the neighborhood. Of course, you expect fine services and amenities at a top-of-the-line retirement community, but we’ve gone out of our way to go beyond the best. In every detail, you’ll find extra care, extra finesse, extra luxury.

Nowhere is that passion more evident than in the security that enfolds you. We’re creating an on-site healthcare infrastructure for everything from emergency response to extended long-term care. Our goal is to create a new flagship for continuing care retirement communities, not just in North Carolina, but everywhere.

Your legacy.
  • build it.
  • live it.
  • share it.
  • celebrate it.