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Enjoy a luxury retirement in your own home.

Located in a charming corner of Henderson County, Mills River is in the Asheville/Hendersonville/Brevard area, our community will be limited to 357 customized residential units: 215 Manor Homes, 68 Village Homes and 74 Estate Homes (with private garages). The range of floor plans for each is greater than one website can convey, but a click will present our showcase models:

Manor Homes are inviting, expansive suites in the heart of our town center. Village Homes are neighborly side-by-side residences designed with openness yet privacy. Estate Homes are free-standing properties of diverse sizes, features and settings.

Legacy at Mills River will have 17 private assisted living suites and 80 private rooms for dignified nursing care.

Please note: Floor plans are subject to change.

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